Time for another edition of your Lawn & Garden today we’re going to concentrate on the garden. We want it to be healthy, and we want to get rid of those bugs. That’s right well first of all keep it well fertilized you know with you 5-20-20, granulated fertilizer in there or just side dress around your plants. A lot of people have trouble with blossom in rot where it rots at the bottom, I had a little problem mostly just plants that I had in pots but not in the ground. But this spray, just a calcium spray, natural product you spray your plant down with it, it stops it so you stop the rot so you can produce some tomatoes. Also diseases are out right now, we have a few leave with some of them on there but not bad but this liquid copper is general purpose it’ll take care of just about anything and it’s natural which is good and then the Cyonara right here the stink bugs are out right now and they’re tough to kill this about the only one that kills the black or the green. One of the only maybe? Right and I mean knocks them out I mean they get in citrus they get in everything. But we’ve been picking a lot of tomatoes this year, cucumbers are doing good, everything doing right like I said I’m at my top crop right now with my tomatoes already picked everything here at the bottom so they’re on top so just keep them heathy keep them fertilized and well watered, deep watered, not that light watering on top you want to deep water, pour it on. So John you actually use some of the products you talk about? Oh yes definitely but not this year I haven’t had to I don’t know if the weather helped me or what but I haven’t had much insects or diseases. I tell you what if you got issues such as disease in your garden you need to head on over to Chastant Brothers.   

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