Hey it’s time for another edition of your lawn and garden everyone loves to plant a flower bed it’s so beautiful but then after a couple of days you start getting weeds and all kinds of other stuff in there. We’ll not just weeds I mean they start losing their color. Because everyone is watering so much right now so it’s leeching a lot of the nutrients of out the soil. So it’s very important to fertilize them well I have different types of fertilizer here, I have the Miracle Gro which is an instant type thing to use it biweekly. Fish Emulsion, great product especially if you have a lot of ferns there’s nothing that will green up a fern better than fish emulsion. It may stink a little bit when you put it out but in a day it’s gone. Osmocote which is a safe product, slow release throw it in there don’t worry about burning it anything like that for you insects I have this product right here it’s a systemic insecticide, works great, you spray it and it gets into the plant. So especially people that have hibiscus and things like that your aphids and all that play havoc with them so that’s why you want to use that product at the end I has essential minor elements again like I said with all the watering we’re doing it’s leeching everything out this product right here has all the minor elements like iron, sulphur, zinc, it really does a good job greening up the plants especially if you have bananas and stuff like that it’ll green them up dark green. Alright if you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, garden,  and flowerbed head on over to Chastant brothers

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