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Fleas, Mosquitoes, and Ants



Time for another addition to your lawn and garden, John Chastant here talking about sprayers I never realize it or thought about it. You’ve got a pretty good variety. Oh yes from everything from hooking it on to your hose and spraying to the pump sprayers, everything. We have some one gallon inexpensive ones right here that you use for a couple of years and throw away, then we have the good one right here the Chapin Premier and that one will last you almost forever. We have all the parts on it we change them out, oh yes they last a long time. Then we have a little small sprayer here or the hose in sprayer. You put your chemical in set the dial and go spray so if you want to spray a tree 30 feet up you can do it with that. Now lets get a little bit serious over there what is that? That’s a 15 gallon sprayer, you hook that behind you riding lawn mower or anything like that and hook it up to your battery on it. It’ll fill 25-30 feet it’ll spray works real great, easy to use and they’re long lasting. Then we also have the Solo, the back pack sprayer that goes on your back it’ll hold four gallons, it has the pump on the side, for people that are spraying their shrubberies , trees, stuff like that it’s a very good sprayer. What do you want to put in them? I was going to ask you, once you put something in it you can’t go back and forth? Well you got to clean them out real good before next use for sure. We have two products here the 38 Plus that you can spray for mosquitos, ants, chinch bugs, anything like that. Same thing for the Telstar, works great. Also fleas this time of the year fleas are coming out so all these products work great and they last longer than most of your other products. I was also going to tell my buddy not to put diesel in those and spray that because it is against the law. Alright check it out if you’re looking for a sprayer head on over to Chastant brothers.

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