Chinch Bugs


Acadiana time for another edition of your lawn and garden here with John Chastant one of the worst bugs around is this right here. Oh the chinch bug yes we really have problems around here especially St. Augustine and centipede lawns, it’s tough. There’s ways to deal with it. I have the insecticides you can put out now usually you want to be aware July and August is the worst months for them. So we have products like Talstar, this product is for larger lawns, it’ll go further and we have the Cyonara for smaller, regular sized lawns that you can put in a hose-in sprayer. And these products take care of mosquitos, ants, you know things like that as well. The 38 Plus, another good product, it can be sprayed in shrubbery, lawn, everywhere to control all insects. The best thing with Chinch bugs is to water it first, brings them up then come with your chemical, kills them much quicker. Hey does a chinch bug serve any purpose? Not at all. Useless! Then we have that certech I keep telling ya’ll about mix that in there, makes it all stick better, changes the PH of our water the PH in Lafayette is roughly an 8 it will bring it down to possibly a 7 where the product is going to work better. Alright check it out so if you want to control the chinch bugs in your lawn and garden head on over to Chastant Brothers

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