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Another edition of your Lawn and Garden. John Chastant with Chastant Brothers, today we’re talking about no good stinking rats, how do we get rid of them?

Well we can trap them, you can try and poison them, you can try and repel them. Theres many ways but its not just rats, your possums visit you, we’re in the fall right now and possums are looking for homes, squirrels and everything like that. We have different size traps and we have different poisons.

That’s a big trap bruh

Yeah that’s for coons and opossums and stuff like that. I can catch one a week around here.

Are you serious? Wow! Alright I see mothballs, is that true what they say about snakes don’t like mothballs?

It’s true, mostly it’s the smell, they smell it first but other products that you mix with it would make it burn their skin. The mothballs don’t hurt them but they work better for mice and rats and all kind of animals like that to keep them away. It doesn’t hurt them or anything they just don’t like the smell. 

Go somewhere else! Alright lets not lose sight of snakes, what’s this thing about burning their skin?

Well sulfur, natural product sulfur and it’s like in a granule form and you put a trail around your house and when they try to cross it it burns them so they just turn the other way. Some people put a perimeter around their home or flower bed or wherever you’re trying to keep them out of. 

Now that yellow box there, is that what I can attest to the effectiveness of that! Wow!

That’s the best if it comes in bars it’s like 8 or 10 bars in there and you can break them into pieces and they are weather proof so if it rains on it doesn’t ruin the bate. You can just throw them out, people that are worried about their pets getting to them they make these little boxes right here and you put the bait in there and only a rat or mouse can get in there. So a dog can’t get in so for safety that’s a good idea you know those products there. We also have the old snap trap (OLD RELIABLE) or the glue trap, some people will put those in their house in the corners and stuff like that. A rat is always going to go in a corner so against a baseboard and that’s where you’re going to catch them.

Alright so look, this time of the year is wonderful but it also attracts some unwanted visitors so if you don’t want those unwanted visitors visit Chastant Brothers.

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