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Acadiana, your Lawn and Garden time. John Chastant with Chastant Brothers today believe it or not were going to be talking utilizing this as a gift for the holidays?

When you don’t know what to get anybody, especially a gentleman or something, this meat syringe for seasoning meats of all type work great. Great gift, they come in a box with both needles for liquids or if you put it in your blender. A lot of people like pecans but everybody’s going crazy right now about these beauregard sweet potatoes.

But is there really a difference though?

It is, we’ve been having them for years, they just love them. Sweet, they bake well, they not stringy you know its just a great potato. We’ve been like I said carrying them for fifteen years at least.

Are you serious?

 Yep, and you know like you said for your pecan pies these are all great gifts you know and everybody loves to eat around here.

Yeah i’ve heard rumor of that. Going back once again to this neat thing right here, now you’re actually responsible for the angle on this thing?

Well we just started it years ago doing it like that then we had a company that manufactures it for us.

So you have to go to Chastant Brothers for this?

Well unless somebody else can still copy it I don’t know.

Copyright infringement. So all you do is you undo this and then you come here screw that on and then you’re ready for the liquids. Now when you talked about blend and all that, you’re talking about like your onions?

Your garlic, your onion tops, hot peppers, anything like that, cayenne pepper and blend it in there and you may have to liquify it a bit to pass through but it works great. This right here you’d have to go with the liquids you can get like at the grocery store they put up and then you inject it with that.

Alright so if you’re looking for the unique gift for that cook in your family head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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