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Its time for another edition of your lawn and garden. John Chastant with Chastant Brothers, pecan-ology 101, before we eat pecans we need to nourish and feed the pecans?

Feed them they need to be fed yes

How do we do that?

Twice a year like right now September, October and then again in the spring. Say February, March, April, somewhere in there. That’s twice a year and you’ll continuously have pecans. What we recommend is the fertilizer we blend, it’s a 21-10-5 analysis with zinc sulfate in it. It’s a minor element that the pecans need.

Where do you apply that?

You want to apply it at the dripline roughly of the tree. Some people with a tree this big will use a post hole digger. A tree like this you’d use at least 50 pounds of fertilizer. With a post hole digger you could put about 5 pounds per deal so you’d need to make 20 holes around the tree and put the fertilizer in and leave about this much so you can put dirt on top of the fertilizer.

Now how do the nutrients from the fertilizer make there way up to the tree?

Well with the rain it brings it down, the roots pull it up and then bring it to the tree.

Gotcha, alright what’s that other? Fungicide?

Fungicide yes, you know scab is the worst thing that people get every year. It’s a blackish color on the pecans and the stems of the trees. So if you spray this monthly you’ll keep them clean of that. Right now it’s a little late to spray insecticide because your pecans are going to be falling pretty soon. So that’s finished with, the insecticide, but its safe to go with your fungicide.

Alright, so there you have it pecan-ology 101, if you want to take your quiz go and visit John Chastant at Chastant Brothers

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