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Acadiana welcome into another edition of your lawn and garden. John Chastant with Chastant Brothers here. Were talking about picking pecans, ok I love a good pecan pie and all that, you gotta go in your back yard I mean my backs hurting, help me out John.

Well we have several ways to help you out there because I tell you it does hurt the back picking pecans. We have these two pickers here, this one is one that you just stab your pecans and you’ll bring it to your bucket like this and you hook it on to the edge and it opens it up so they fall out. This one right here is a little easier. You just roll it and it easily picks up the pecans, this is the best one they make.

So its like springs and it expands?

Right, when it rolls on them it picks them up see they are very tender. Then what you do is put it on here and you twist it and see how it opens it here and they all fall out so you’re not bending down again.

Get out of here! Of course after you pick all of your pecans you need to crack them

This is one, at the feed store we have mechanical crackers you know that we can crack 60-80 pounds of pecans an hour. We have several of them but for those that have just a little bit of pecans like just 1 sac or something we have this right here and what’s good it fits every type. This is adjustable you know for big pecans, small pecans and then you can reverse it to this side for real tiny pecans. Does a good job and you just crack them like that.

You mentioned you’ve got professional industrial pecan crackers, so if I have couple of pecan trees and ive got 100 pounds of pecans, I can bring them to you at Chastant Brothers and you’re going to crack them for me?

Right, we give you a call when they are ready and you can come pick them up.

What if I want to skip all that and just want to go buy some pecans?

Well we’ll have some of those too in 1 pound bags or 3 pound boxes of peeled pecans. You can get the halves or the pieces

And were talking about locally grown pecans?

Definitely yes

Alright there you have it you want some great pecans for your pecan pie head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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