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Alright what time is it? It’s your lawn and garden time. We’re talking about mosquitos and fleas or better yet lack there of. Now we have mosquitos and fleas both indoors and outdoors, do we use different equipment?

Pretty much so, not always because of odors in the house from the chemicals it’s better to use a water base spray vs. an oil base. The oil base has an odor to it. So for indoors we have these two products right here. The foggers which are easy to use, set them off for fleas, flies, roaches, anything and then what I like is this demon product right here theres four pouches in here. You mix one pouch with a gallon of water and spray around your doors, windows, everywhere around your house and it doesn’t leave any odor

What about safety as far as for dogs and cats

Once its dry its fine with these chemicals. Then for outdoor use, like I said with fleas you have to be on a regular basis outside to get rid of fleas you have to use weekly. This 38 PLUS or the VIPER use it weekly. If you just got them. Now if you’ve had fleas for two months and want to start fighting them now, three times a week start spraying. Then you can drop down to twice the next week and then once. Then get a once a week deal until you get them under control. This time of the year I would still spray once a month just to keep them back you may have neighbors or something that the fleas are coming from there keep them back because they could be a problem.

That’s true not only do you have to deal with your fleas but you have to deal with your neighbors fleas

That’s right everybody has animals so you’ve got to take care of them some of them just come from other animals you know from outdoor animals like squirrels or racoons and stuff that all has fleas too

Ok what about the safety of those with outdoor animals?

Again, once they dry they are fine. Get the animals off while your are spraying it. Once its dry they can go play on it.

Alright so indoors or outdoors we have mosquitos, fleas, you need to head on over to Chastant Brothers

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