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Acadiana welcome into another edition of your lawn and garden. John Chastant here with Chastant brothers. Even though its going to be the winter time you still want your lawn to be presentable and all that and were going to talk about liquid systemic fungicide. What is that?
Well for diseases of the lawn right now pretty soon you’ll be having trouble especially ín your St. Augustine, Centipede lawns, brown patch. They start off as patches and they actually keep growing.
Its unsighting right?
Yeah, you got a dead patch in your lawn it looks ugly you’d have to go with some rye grass after that to make it look better. At first you notice that the area is not needing to be mowed. It stops growing in those areas before it starts the process of yellowing and that. The best way it works is to use it as preventative use it before you have problems. We have it in liquid form and granules. The liquid product that we have these two work well we recommend using the surfactant with it, this right here so when you spray the lawn it sticks to the grass and the affected area. Usually with your fungicides, you have a little brown patch, you’re just hitting those areas you don’t have to touch the whole lawn. Usually its going to be in the sun not in the shade. If its in the shade its something else. The granules right here work great with the spreader, just go and spread them. Like I said, if you had problems last year put it out in September / October so you can prevent it. Usually its in lower areas where it can start, it can start anywhere but lower areas is where it can start and spread form there.
Lets backtrack, how does it start? What causes those brown spots to start?
Well it’s the growing conditions, mild weather, it wont grow in the cold so just the spring and fall is when it grows, wet weather which we have, so its all perfect for the growing of it.
Alright so if you want to not have any brown spots before they even start, prevent it as john says. Head on over to Chastant Brothers

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