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Chastant Brothers presents Your Lawn and Garden. Alright Acadiana, time for another edition of Your Lawn and Garden with John Chastant and Chastant Brothers. Let’s talk about fertilizer for our lawn.
Yea its getting a little warmer now so make sure your getting water and everything but fertilizer to keep it green and growing. You might be a little safer this year on what you’re using at different times hot like it is. We have the Milorganite which is a natural product so you can put it out anytime, you can’t burn with it and it definitely grows it just brings up if you have a full lawn it just brings it up. It’s full of iron and things like that, it works great. You can’t burn with it. We have the other fertilizer, the chemical made fertilizer like the nitrogen right here and you’re not gonna put as much of it this year. Say if you have 5000 square feet, 100 by 50 to keep it green, all you put is about 10 pounds of it.
That’s it?
Not bad.
But if you have acres, we have it in 50lb bags and then this 18-9-9, what I like about too is that you’re safe. It has 18% nitrogen and then 9% hot ash and some sulphur in it but it’s slow release so you don’t burn wit that either. So it’s very safe putting it out. Also at this time of the year while you’re getting bit by mosquitoes, ants, flies, whatever, this will get rid of it all the 38 Plus.
And it’s pretty safe?
Yea, you put it out with your hose and sprayer, spray the yard and shrubbery, whatever you have, no more mosquitos. It works good and it kills the ants as well.
No more mosquitos.
Right as long as you use it every two weeks. Every two weeks is fine.
Alright so there you have it, you wanna get your lawn manicured and also kill those mosquitoes and all that, head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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