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Chastant Brothers presents Your Lawn and Garden.

Hey it’s time for another edition of Your Lawn and Garden today were talking about Chapeau de paille, that’s in french. Straw hats because hey you can’t take care of your Lawn or Garden if you’re catching sunstroke.

That’s true you got to take care of yourself and not get sunburned, take care of your skin and there are inexpensive ways to do it is with the straw hat.

I can’t believe you have such a variety.

Oh I have more than this, but we have them for children, women, everyboy.

And of course the benefit is so you don’t get a sunstroke.

Correct like I said some people think they look good with them. Go ahead work in the garden with them.

That is true too part of that working in the garden you were talking about deep watering?

Right, yes, okay, people make the mistake of light watering okay when you light water, you know just spray like that, your roots grow up instead of where they supposed to grow down so deep watering only. Do that you won’t have to water as often either but deep water water that keep passing over that area if you have cucumbers again and again. Not just one time you got to come back for that to absorb and stay there.

But you don’t do it everyday?

No not necessarily I mean not if you do it that way. If you light water them you do it everyday because you’re not getting enough down there.

But yeah but you’ll see a big difference by deep watering.

So deep watering actually helps the roots grow deep.

And if you light water?

They come up so you want a healthy plant okay so you want to deep water especially once it gets ninety degrees the moisture is evaporating very quickly that’s why you want to put a good mulch in there like I do you know?

So hey if you want to protect yourself and look classy in a chapeau de paille, head on over to Chastant Brothers.

For more tips and previous episodes, click on lawn and garden brought to you by Chastant Brothers on Pinhook Road in Lafayette.

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