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Alright acadiana its your lawn and garden time. John Chastant with Chastant Brothers, today we’re talking about insects and disease inside of your garden. Insects carry disease?

And they transport it from plant to plant

How nice of them

This is just showing you some of what the cucumbers look like right here and these leaf spots. This is a leaf blight but you need to slow it down. Right now im at the end so it doesn’t make much difference to get rid of them im going to be pulling them up. Prevention you want to use these products like Dithane this product here and copper. Alternate them, this is an organic products so you can use them as often as you want. Then at the same time I know the stink bugs are out there another hard to kill insect Cyonara is the best thing.We have it with the hose in sprayer that you can just spray the whole garden quickly or use it to spot hit your plants. If you have fruit or citrus trees this will know the stink bugs off as well. Works great. At the same you need to side dress your plants, green them up and keep them growing use your 5/20/20 and again I always tell them about this soil test kit, you can come get them free at the store and it cost about $15 you send it off to LSU and they tell you exactly what you have in your soil. You may not need to add phosphorus or potash anymore, just nitrogen and they’ll tell you that. They’ll tell you what your PH is, very important to know what your ph is.

Alright, what is this called again?


I know you reference that a lot, that helps you out a lot right?

It does, its real high in phosphorus and potash. Phosphorus helps you with your fruit or flowers, potash with some of your root system. It doesn’t have a lot of nitrogen so you could always side dress with nitrogen later if needed. Usually the 5% isnt bad, ive never had to side dress this year and everything stayed green.

Alright, remember insects, disease = bad. Chastant Brothers = good. Head on over and get these at Chastant Brothers.

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