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Alright time for another edition of your lawn and garden. John Chastant, Chastant Brothers, wow what happened here last time there was hardly anything

It exploded but I tell you what, everything did great this year, the tomatoes, the cucumbers and all that but I want to talk about the future, mine are finishing up really pretty much. Plants look ok but tomatoes are finished up, my peppers are still doing well but the cucumbers another week or two they are  finished and it’s time to replant them again.

They have what, a shelf life I guess if you will?

No you can plant them all the way to august ok. So plant them, I prefer seeds they just do a better job because it starts off in your soil so the root system isn’t like it was planted there it originated there so less water because it originated there. Tomatoes, they’ll start planting some heat varieties of tomatoes too. They going to start planting cabbage believe it or not by seed and get it started. In august well have the plants of cabbage you know and things like that another month later we’ll have broccoli, coliflower things like that. You can plant shallots right now for your onion tops gumbos and everything like that you need that. Carrots will be in august so just wait another month and that’ll do good. Theres still a lot of things you can plant by seed.

Alright, what should be the best thing to prepare your garden as far as adding anything

Well you’re going to need to refertilize again use your 5/20/20 incorporate it in the soil or just put it in the row. Then youll be good for that season. That’s what its good for is that one season when you put your 5/20/20 down. So redo the fertilizer and you’ll be good.

Alright simple as that, now you do have some cucumber plants? Again you recommend the seeds?

Not yet,yeah the seeds are better they just do a much better job

There you have it, you want a much better looking garden head on over to Chastant Brothers

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