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IT IS TIME FOR ANOTHER EDITION OF YOUR LAWN AND GARDEN TODAY. JOHN CHASTANT OF CHASTANT BROTHERS is going to tell us how to avoid arguments with members of your family and neighbors about what freezes and doesn’t freeze. People don’t always agree on that right?

Well true. I mean it’s fruit trees like apples , pears, peaches, do not freeze so you don’t need to cover them. But your citrus which would be your satsumas , any of your oranges, your lemons are more tender really. They need to be covered, especially if you have small ones , if theyre really too big , it’s hard to cover the whole thing. So some of them you just cover the stem of it you know and then put some around there to at least save that part. Because they’ll come back again. Because once you lose a citrus all the way and then it comes up from the graft , well you have nothing. Some people say ohh it’s comig back , it’s coming back from the bottom, way at the bottom that’s below the graft and that’s nothing.

Okay this covering  right there, that’s not going to suffocate them?

No, that’s what’s good about it, this product breathes okay so it let’s the air in , let’s some moisture in also , protects  it  from freezes , light freezes ok, 32 stuff like that, 30, you know for 3 hours or something, yeah. But 17 degrees for 12 hours , you got problems. I mean it’s still gonna help it , it’s gonna help a lot but for that long it’s  hard for anything because the ground will get so cold it kills the roots  system of a lot of them.

Alright so how do you stop that thing from like flying away?

Well they make these pins like this right here. You know that you just stab it in  and bring it all the way down and it keeps
It down because you know in the fall and winter we have all this wind blowing so you need to protect them. But like I said hibiscus, a lot of things like that , people like to cover them , do that. And it will do a great job.

Alright is this reusable from year to year?

Definitely yeah, just fold it up, put it up. It comes in 12 foot widths. And we measure  it by the foot . So it may be a dollar a foot or something like that , you just measure it out .

Custom  order if you will

That’s right

Alright so once again what doesn’t freeze ?

Apples, pears, your fruit trees , or a tough plant like azaleas, , camellias, gardenias, you don’t need to cover that.

Alright but the citrus you do and if you want the type of covering right there head on over to chastant brothers. 

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