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Chastant Brothers presents Your Lawn and Garden.

Acadiana it’s time for another edition of Your Lawn and Garden. We’re talking about flower beds today now you’ve talked about products and all of that for like in the garden. Is it any different when it comes to the flowers?

Some of the diseases can be different. What I have here is called rust, it’s on daylilies you can get rust on certain vegetables but it’s not as common you know but ornamentals get different diseases so you want to use different products. The product I have for this this rust what I do when I get it like this like what I did here.

Is that salvageable?

Not these leaves here. I pull them and then start spraying to prevent the new growth from getting it. I use the product daconil, comes with a little trigger you just spray it because they were bad on these day lillies. And once I sprayed them it came out of it and they have beautiful foliage on them now.

Interesting, now you were talking about you actually tried to get to the seed of the weed?
Well you you want to start off killing the seeds first you know that’s where this Dimension, this product right here this bag. Alright you throw that out every 3 months and it kills all the weed seeds that in the soil.

So that they don’t have the chance to grow.

Right and like I said it doesn’t kill any plants you know you can throw it in your flower bed it doesn’t kill plants. Weed seeds before they come up. There we also have your osmocote fertilizer that is safe to use on anything like we showed earlier it growing in pots. Its safe because you can’t burn with it so great product. What I like is this product right here. It’s just this is the fruit tree drench they also make a drench for ornamentals and all that and you put out with a sprinkler can you mix water and you sprinkle and you can use it in a pot when you use potted plants, trees, shrubs, and they have one like I said for fruit trees, citrus and systemically goes up to the plant throughout the whole plant, and knocking the bugs off of it…and you’re only using it once a year. And you’re not spraying it you just put it right at the trunk of the tree or like I said if you’re doing it in a pot, you’re just drenching the pot.

Now John, I realize you know some of the things that you got kind of technical but folks can just go into Chastant Brothers and inquire.

Definitely our staff knows how to help everybody with all the problems they might have.

Alright Acadiana so if you want a beautiful beautiful looking flower bed head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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