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Alright Acadiana time for another edition of your lawn and garden. Wow it is hot today. You heard the rumor that fall was right around the corner?

I have but it hasn’t shown its face yet

Ok well lets get ready its coming, lets prepare a fall garden

Right well we still have some things from earlier in you know we have some cucumbers we started again. Still peppers that are producing so just keep them fertilized and keep the bugs off of them and they’ll produce for a good while until we have a first hard frost or something.

Oh we can only hope.

But its time also to plant a lot of things from seeds you know like mustard, turnips, raddish, shallots, you know your onion tops, that kind of stuff. I know its august right now but you can plant cabbage and were just right around the corner from September so you can start planting broccoli, cauliflower things like that. September is the month to plant carrots and I tell you what I did fantastic with them. Grandkids had a good time with that.

Alright now you’ve got some products over here to help that garden

Yes for the insects I have these chemicals the cyonara, safe products though that you mix with water and the dust. Now this time later on with the cabbage and stuff you have loopers get out there those big caterpillars that eat up the leaves and all that. That’ll get rid of them. If you want to go organic I have this right here which contains BT it’s a bacteria not even a poison, totally safe. So we have it in liquid you can spray your plants or a dust and you can dust it. Zero waiting after you put it on. You just wash it off and eat your food.

So its as simple as that. One other thing you wanted to say?

I just wanted to show you I have a chart you can pick up at the feed store. It has all of the things that you can plant at this time of the year or any time of the year really. Then it gives the spacing, how deep to plant the seed and everything like that. It’s a good little chart.

Wow, so much information, so if you want one just head on over to Chastant Brothers. Once again its been your lawn and Garden with John Chastant of Chastant Brothers.

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