Where does Noel Acadien Au Village fundraising go?

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — All the proceeds and donations made throughout Noel Acadien Au Village go toward LARC to support people with developmental disabilities. People like Candace Hossley who is training to go out in the community and earn a paycheck.

“If you do come over here, it’s more fun because you will learn new things like you’ve never learned before. I’m still learning things every single day,” Hossley told News 10.

She’s one of about the 120 people LARC works with every day. Pre-pandemic they worked with close to 240 according to Shontay Agustine who directs LARC’s Vocational Department.

Augustine explained, “If you just want to come and socialize, arts and crafts, and do some community outings, that’s great for them, but then we have that little few people that want to work.”

Skills like retail, grocery, mail delivery, food service, self-sufficiency, and more are all taught through LARC’s vocational program. Some work on campus while others can be seen throughout the Acadiana community at locations such as Chick-fil-a, Walmart, and other prominent local businesses.

“It’s learning new things to prepare me to go back in the community like attitude, posture, to be nice to customers,” Hossley stated. “It’s fun to get my own paycheck because I don’t have to share with anybody. It’s my money.”

Without donations, fewer people would be able to get the training, transportation, and socialization to help them thrive.

“They are capable of you know reasoning and being independent, and we have so many that can take care of themselves. They may need some support, but they are able to blossom just like you and I,” Augustine said.

So when you think of the lights, think of the bright and beautiful smiles you are helping create by seeing them.

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