UPDATE: Photo comes to light of L.J. Alleman teachers pointing index finger, cocking thumb imitating gun gesture

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A photo has come to light of teachers at L. J. Alleman Middle School in Lafayette taking part in a United Way of Acadiana contest while dressed in cowboy attire and making gun gestures.

News Tens Rodricka Taylor spoke with two parents who say the photo has been brought to the forefront to prove a point! Are teachers held at the same standard as the students who were expelled for a Tik Tok trend?

“If it’s not okay for a child to do it, it is not okay for an adult to do it.”

The photo shows teachers pointing their index finger and cocking their thumb in a way that imitates a handgun, this after more than 20 students at the school were expelled over a Nardo Wick “Who Want Smoke” Tik Tok video trend in which gun gestures were made.

“They make Tik Tok’s all the time, not with any intent of threatening anyone. In the findings of the video, there was no threat, so why the punishment is what it is?”

In the Lafayette Parish School System, there are three levels of discipline middle school students can receive.

“They used code 70, which does require a threat assessment; however, the threat assessment was not completed appropriately and there was false information that was put on the threat assessment.”

The parents say LPSS changed code 70 to a code 21, which is to commit any other serious offense.

“With the 21, yes, there are other codes that could have been used that resulted in a whole different action, but they did not do that.”

They say the school system should look at the disciplinary action case by case.

“Not all the hand gestures were the same for the kids. Some of them didn’t use hand gestures, some of them used a phone.”

I reached out to LPSS, and they released this statement:

“LPSS does not publicly share information regarding internal investigations or disciplinary actions of our students or staff…”

Parents say the teachers are the leaders.

“If you don’t want them to be going around with hand gestures that you all believe is a threat, then don’t do it whether it’s for a project, whether it’s for a contest, any of that.”

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