North Lafayette clergy members plan economic boycott, ask residents not to shop in the city

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Organizations in North Lafayette are planning a boycott.

They’re asking residents not to shop in Lafayette.

It’s an effort to help community leaders pay more attention to the Northside of Lafayette.

They say this is a nonviolent protest, and say they’re fighting with their dollar.

The coalition leading this is asking Northside Lafayette residents to stop buying goods and services in the city.

They want to show community leaders that their money matters and can have a big impact.

“doctor larry j. lloyd: “The initial effort is not so much to start buying on the northside, but our effort is to get people together to address the economic disparities that we see on the northside. If that means we have to buy outside of Lafayette to address the disparities in Lafayette, we are encouraging that,” Dr. Larry J. Lloyd with the Greater Southwest Louisiana Ministerial Coalition said.

The coalition is made up of clergy on the Northside of Lafayette. For this economic boycott, they’re asking northside residents to buy their goods and services in areas like Youngsville, Broussard, and Scott.

“The ministry and members of the clergy that are a part of this coalition have come together to show solidarity that we are interested in economic development, especially on the northside of Lafayette,” Lloyd said.

They hope this boycott will also address social unrests and the concerns people in North Lafayette may have.

They also hope the buyout will catch the attention of government officials and other civic leaders to address those disparities.

One of the goals is to start a conversation about issues on the northside and where there are racial and economic disparities.

“We believe there is money already allocated for the Northside of Lafayette. We’re just trying to push, push whatever we can to make it happen. That includes anything that can happen on the Northside of Lafayette,” Lloyd added.

The coalition is planning to start the economic boycott on November 25 and end it one month later on December 25.

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