LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A street in Lafayette has stopped receiving mail with no warning from the postal service, and the reason appears to be because of a crime.

There are more than 40 homes on Harrison Drive, and none of them have been receiving mail for days.

No mail, no packages, and no raised flags. On Harrison Drive when mail deliveries suddenly stopped this week residents said they had no idea.

A resident on Harrison Dr. said they’ve never experienced anything like it.

“I never heard of this, of this happening in my life,” Mikka Smith said.

Smith has worked from home for 18 years and does all her shopping online.

When she noticed deliveries across the street corner, but not on Harrison Drive, her family questioned the post office why.

“They were not allowed to say what occurred but that something happened to where that they cannot come deliver mail to anyone on Harrison Drive anymore,” Smith said.

It seems to be related to a crime that happened on Harrison Dr. last Friday. Lafayette Police confirmed that one person was arrested for simple assault involving a postal worker.

“The altercation took place,” LPD spokesperson Matt Benoit said. “It involved a postal worker, and an individual was arrested for simple assault.”

Lafayette Police could not confirm if this assault Saturday was why the United State Postal Service stopped deliveries. Police have no influence on who receives the service.

 News 10 asked the United States Postal Service how long the halted deliveries would last, and a spokesman sent this statement:

The Postal Service apologizes for any inconvenience that may have been experienced by customers at this specific location in Lafayette. The U.S. Postal Service takes very seriously the safety of our employees and the communities we serve. While our letter carriers are vigilant and dedicated, occasionally we may need to temporarily suspend mail delivery, if we perceive a threat that could put our carrier at risk.  In this particular situation, postal managers are working with local police and the Postal Inspection Service to ensure safe and accessible delivery of the mail. Beginning tomorrow, Dec. 3, mail delivery will resume at the specified location. We appreciate our customers’ understanding and patience in this matter.

USPS full statement

Residents said they just wished one individual’s actions would not have punished the whole street.

“Why not just cut off that certain house, not deliver mail to that person, and let them receive their mail at the post office?” Smith said. “Not that I want anybody hurt or anybody in danger. I just believe that the way they are going about it is all wrong.”

Thankfully, Smith and her neighbors won’t have to drive to the post office to get their mail for eternity.

The USPS spokesman said mail delivery will resume on Harrison Dr. on Friday.