LAFAYETTE, La., (KLFY) – Mayor-President Josh Guillory has been firm with his stance of respecting traditional values and his refusal to declare pride month in Lafayette. However, two city council members are now taking matters into their own hands.

Both city council members, Glenn Lazard and Pat Lewis have added an agenda item to the upcoming Lafayette City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 15. The agenda item would declare June Pride Month in Lafayette.

Pride Month is recognized nationally, however, despite numerous attempts to declare June Pride Month in Lafayette, the city does not recognize it.

Lazard has previously said he disagrees with Guillory’s stance.

Other council members will have the opportunity to voice their own opinions during Tuesday’s meeting at city hall.

A local group, PFLAG, has repeatedly attempted to have the month be dubbed Pride Month in Lafayette, however, Mayor-President Josh Guillory has stayed firm in his stance.

“What I say to folks who say why isn’t there a straight pride month? I would just like to remind folks that pride isn’t a festival, sure it’s a celebration, folks get together and a party, but it’s not a big party, it’s more LGBTQ+ history month,” Lafayette PFLAG President Matthew Humphrey said. “And it is the celebration of a fight that we are still fighting right now with our local government.”

The group said there are other unofficial holidays and groups recognized by the city, including things like American Red Cross Month, National Hospice Month, and Acadiana Dance Month. The city also recognizes other major groups including several other minority groups and veterans.

This also comes only days before an anti-pride protest is planned in Lafayette. At this time, it’s unclear if the protest will still take place.