Lafayette animal shelter working with public to protect outdoor pets from winter weather

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Parish Animal Shelter is asking for your help to protect pets from the cold weather.

They’re making a call for dog houses and blankets, so the shelter can give them to pets in need.

“Instead of taking them into the shelter, or citing these people who love their animals, and don’t have the means to give them a proper shelter, we donate a dog house,” said Shelley Delahoussaye, director of the Lafayette Parish Animal Shelter.

“If people can donate dog houses to us, we give it to the public that needs it.”

Delahoussaye says, under the law, pets should have a shelter with four walls, a roof, and a solid floor, and proper dry bedding.

She says there were approximately 20 calls last weekend, when the temperature dipped. A few dog houses and a dozen blankets were handed out, and no dogs were taken.

When the animal control officers make those house calls, the owners are usually cooperative.

“Pets are the family. Do we want to leave this animal, this small dog, outside in this weather,” said Delahoussaye.

She says the biggest concern is when the mercury dips below freezing. When that happens, she recommends bringing pets indoors. However, she says the size of the dog matters when it comes to cold weather.

“A Husky. A German Shepherd. 30 degree weather. No problem. they love it. The Shih Tzu. The Chihuahua. Their little bitty bones. That’s a concern with cold weather,” said Delahoussaye.

The shelter would like to have about 10 dog houses always on hand, and a stockpile of blankets, when the weather gets near freezing again.

If you would like to donate, click here to contact the Lafayette Parish Animal Shelter.

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