Hurricane Delta nearly rips Duson mobile home in half

Lafayette Parish

DUSON, La. (KLFY) — Hurricane-force winds from Hurricane Delta nearly ripped a mobile home in half in Duson.

“Oh my gosh. It’s just unbelievable. I just can only imagine. I never imagined this happening to anybody at all,” neighbor Dawn Lowenstein said.

Lowenstein and Sunshine Jacobs live across the street from the home.

Their homes had some roof damage from the storm, but they say it’s nothing compared to what lies across the road.

“Looking at it, it’s like thankfully nobody was in there at the time, but it’s just unbelievable,” Lowenstein said.

The women evacuated for Hurricane Delta, and they say they worried what they’d find when they returned home.

“Our biggest worry was just hopefully coming home to something, and then seeing this, it’s like wow,” Lowenstein added.

The women say they’re thankful mother nature sparred their homes, which only lay about 100 yards from the now pile of debris.

“It could have been my home. I could have lost everything in that storm. It was bad. I was scared. I was scared,” neighbor Sunshine Jacobs said.

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