‘He needs his education and I need my job,’ Parent hopes Lafayette’s school bus driver shortage won’t have major impact on son

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The school bus driver shortage takes another turn.

One parent shares her concern that her child might not receive a school bus route at all.

Gladys Hamilton says her child doesn’t have transportation.

She explains that it’s only been a few weeks since she applied for transportation, but fears the driver shortage might lessen her chances.

She says LPSS has contacted her and she’s waiting for a second call.

“Yes, my son needs to be in school.  If he’s not in school, then they’ll be blaming everything on me.”

Hamilton realizes the driver shortage could be the reason for the recent uptick in delays and cancellations.

Her concern with the lack of drivers is that it could impact her chances of her son having access to transportation to get to school.

“He needs his education. and I need my job,” Hamilton added.

Lafayette Parish Parent Jill Jackson says her child is no longer being picked up by a school bus.

Jackson believes it may be due to the driver shortage.

“There’s just no bus driver for his route I’m assuming.  They told me that the route was down.  I never got a full explanation.  I’m assuming because there’s not a driver,” Jackson explained.

Plus, Jackson says the notifications are poorly timed.

She explains that she continues to get bus route alerts.

“The parish-wide text messages, I’m assuming that’s what they are.  Yesterday I got one at 3:07 p.m. saying that a bus wasn’t going to run and to be in the car-rider pickup line that started at 3:10 p.m.,” Jackson said.

A school official reminds parents that the bus driver shortage is not isolated to LPSS.  

The lack of drivers is a nationwide challenge.

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