Grandmaster Jay states NFAC’s intentions ahead of Lafayette march

Lafayette Parish

Lafayette, La. (KLFY) — Members from one of the largest militias in America are heading to downtown Lafayette Saturday, October 3. The armed group Not F Around Coalition (NFAC) proclaims they are coming to aid African American citizens.

NFAC is asking as many people as possible to witness a march at 4 P.M. Saturday, by Parc Sans Souci. Grandmaster Jay, the coalition’s leader stated his intentions on former Lafayette City Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux “Keep’em Talkin” podcast.

“Anybody who wants to classify us as thugs, terrorists, or a hate group, I say show me the proof,” stated Jay.

The paramilitary group NFAC announced Lafayette as its next stop after their time in Louisville to stand with the community they believe needs them. Its leader cited police shootings of black men and the Facebook post of Acadiana Congressman Clay Higgins as the reason.

The September 2 post taken down by the social media platform read in part “One way ticket fellas. Have your affairs in order. Me? I wouldn’t even spill my beer. I’d drop any 10 of you where you stand….”

Grandmaster Jay said he was blind-sighted by the threat, “When I read those words, I read them four times because I couldn’t believe a sitting congressman would kill 10 of us before he could put his beer down.”

Jay told Boudreaux during their hour-long conversation that his group is law respecting, many ex-military, who know how to follow commands. He said he wants a public apology from Higgins and a platform where local activists can speak without fear.

The march will likely bring one of the largest crowds seen in Downtown Lafayette in 2020. Those who work downtown believe the protest is coming from a good place.

“I think they’re free to protest,” said Stearns Laseur who works downtown. “I think it’s a constitutional right for us that they can come out. The guns don’t bother me.”

While some admit not minding the bold display of the second amendment, others are put off by it. Cindi Axtell, Deuxieme Vie Creative’s owner stated, “I do agree that people should have rights, but I don’t know if I’m in favor of people just walking around being armed either…I think you’re putting a match on gasoline.”

The NFAC said no trouble will come from its group, and if trouble does arise it will be extinguished quickly.

“I can’t tell people who can carry and who cannot,” stated Grandmaster Jay. “Just remember safety first. No emotions because we’re not a part of that, and if you act up, you’re going to be acting up by yourself. That’s not how we roll and that’s not what we do.”

News 10 reached out to law enforcement and Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s administration for comment on their preparations for Saturday. Guillory’s office is saving that information for a press briefing with Lafayette’s police chief and sheriff Wednesday at 11 A.M. inside city-parish hall.

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