Follow fireworks safety standards by using “BLAST”

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Setting off fireworks is a blast, but doing it unsafely can spark trouble.

Extreme Fire Works Owner Rodd Richoux of Lafayette says residents should know exactly what not to do before celebrating the Independence Day holiday. He says this information is so important, he had to include it in the business’ slogan, “What A Blast!”

“The ‘B’ stands for be sure to read all instructions first,” said Richoux.

For example, people should read instructions when using a firework favorite like a roman candle. Richoux says contrary to popular belief, you are not supposed to hold the candle in your hand. You’re supposed to stick it in the ground.

The “L” stands for lighting one fire work at a time. The “A” always stands for adult supervision. The “S” suggests you be sure to shoot fireworks away from people pets and buildings. And last but one of the most important safety tips, “T,” stands for take safety precautions.

This includes having a fire extinguisher, a fully charged water hose, or a water bucket available.

Richoux also says, “Don’t forget to look above to make sure their or no overhead obstructions.”

Following these tips should ensure a safe Independence Day celebration. There are several Extreme Fireworks locations across Acadiana. Be sure to check with your local government for firework ordinances.

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