Doctor aims to help educate about COVID-19 through social media

Lafayette Parish

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- A local doctor, double board-certified in internal medicine and geriatrics, has emerged as an expert voice in the Lafayette Coronavirus Updates group on Facebook.

Dr. Britni Hebert treats patients both in her clinic and in the hospital.

“I become very passionate very quickly because I’ve seen what can happen if we are not careful what we do in those times,” she said.

She refers to COVID as a chameleon, always changing in its presentation.
“Over and over again, we hear I don’t have a fever it’s not COVID,” Hebert said. “I really feel it needs to get out there that about 60% of people are not going to have fever with this disease.”

With no clear-cut list of symptoms, she understands the frustration of wondering whether a cough, a sneeze, or a headache is caused by COVID-19.
“You’re not gonna know early; you are not going know based on symptoms. That’s why we say mask all the time,” she explains.

Dr. Hebert says they have learned so much about COVID since the pandemic began, but they aren’t able to predict who will have mild symptoms, who will die, or who will have serious complications like she herself did after having COVID in July.
“I did end up with pneumonia and prolonged symptoms and can’t do things that I used to do,” says Dr Hebert.
A third of the people who contract the virus exhibit no symptoms and these are the people who are spreading it unknowingly. That’s the main reason Dr. Hebert, and most medical professionals, urge everyone to mask up.
She warns, “There are people walking around Lafayette right now that don’t know they have it and are transmitting it.”
Dr. Hebert and News 10 continued the conversation about what’s being called Long COVID, permanent damage to the body, and what you should ask yourself before getting the vaccine.

We’ll have that story Wednesday on News 10 at 5 p.m.

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