Britain set to leave European Union — What does it mean for U.S.?


(CNN) — It’s been more than three years in the making. Now Britain’s becoming the first-ever country to leave the European Union.

So what does Brexit mean for the United States?

While some are happy about the new era, others not so much.

“It’s sad that it’s come to this, but I think it’s important to EU citizens in this country, as well as our people in government know there are people out here still fighting it,” said Brexit protester Rianan Taylor.

The UK will still follow the EU’s rules for 11 months. With the UK bidding adieu to the EU, whats next? How will this change the relationship with the U.S.? It could very well depend on a new trade deal. Most trade agreements take between three and five years to negotiate. Moving to 11 months is a condensed schedule. Most trade experts dont believe it would be possible. President Trump has been optimistic something will get done with the United Kingdom, but some are skeptical.

“I think that the next phase if you thought that was dramatic I think it might be even more dramatic and more traumatic because there’s a lot of hard negotiation to be done,” said European Parliament Vice-President Mairead McGuinness.

How about travel? Since the Brexit vote, the value of the pound decreased significantly against both the Euro and the U.S. dollar. Tourism experts say it’s unlikely to affect U.S. Travelers going to the UK. In fact, it could boost travel, since the price would be cheaper for most travelers.

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