LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — The mentorship program for young African-American boys, Pucci Percussion, has been around for nearly 10 years. Leader Herbert Green’s journey began years ago when he was a young boy himself.

From a young age, Green followed the beat of his own drum. He wanted to play other instruments, but an internal beat and natural talent drew him toward drumming.

“I was able to mimic something that I would hear on the radio,” said Green

He comes from a long lineage of musical artists. Like vocalists, zydeco artists, and well-known local bands.

“The musical influence in my family is very strong,” Green said. “That family connection to melodies has always been there.”

Life challenges connected Green to Afrobeat, a mixture of Western African music styles.

“I was at a pretty low point in my life where I wanted to hit something so I bought some bongos,” explained Green.

Green fell in love with the art. He later met a group of percussionists in Atlanta. He went from drumming as a stress-reliever to it making it his profession. Different music groups and events started asking Hebert to play. This is when Pucci Percussion was born.

Green says his classes filled up quickly. He decided instead of just teaching the art and African history of the drum, he would also spend time pouring wisdom into his students, who all came from different walks of life.

“Talking to them about life decisions and just things that would groom them about becoming positive influences to themselves, their families, and their community,” said Green.

He teaches the importance of leadership, character and integrity.

Brenton Bernard and Benson Broussard, who both joined the program at different times, say they greatly benefit from the program.

Bernard says, “I would like to be a mentor like Mr. Hebert one day.”

Broussard said, “I was nervous because I thought I wouldn’t succeed but then I started being good at it then I thought, I can do it.”

Green says the program is not a non-profit organization. The group thrives off of personal funding and donations. New students are always welcomed. To join contact Herbert Green at (337) 443-3432 or visit the Pucci Percussion Facebook page. Cash app donations are accepted at $HerbGreen