JENNINGS, La. (KLFY)- Jennings American Legion Hospital is the first health care facility in Southwest Louisiana to unveil new germ-fighting technology.

The CDC estimates 1.7 million infections a year attributed to contact within a healthcare setting.
As the CDC confirms 15 cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. and Louisiana’s Flu Season is not letting up, Jennings American Legion Hospital brings in a new gadget to clean up the mess that causes these types of infections.

 “We’re bringing not only public awareness, but we make our community realize that we’re extremely innovative and that we’re moving towards the future,” said Mindy Hetzel, the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications.

This is the second line of defense. It’s a germ-zapping robot named ‘Tru-D’ fighting superbugs at medical centers across the country using UV light.

“When you clean, you may accidentally miss something. This will not miss anything. It shines, it bounces and whatever that light touches it will disintegrate,” said Phyllis Theriot, the Infection Preventionist.

Jennings American Legion is now equipped with two of them, giving double the protection from hospital on-set infections.

“We probably have a turnover of patients of 300 a month, but when you multiply that by the people who come and visit,” said Hetzel.

Theriot said it will be used after every single discharge of a patient on isolation. “So if a patient is on isolation for the flu or diarrhea or anything like that, we will do this when they’re discharged to make sure they are safe for the next patient,” she added.  

The UV light is 1,000 times more intense than sunlight. it combats organisms that have become resistant to standard cleaning practices.

“It’s equally so important, not only for our patient but for the fact that we’re protecting our nurses and our clinical staff and our visitors,” said Hetzel.

Each robot costs 75,000. Jennings American Legion was able to acquire 2 Tru-D robots through funds donated from their annual Laugh4Life Benefit.