Vitalant helping patients throughout COVID-19 pandemic with launch of new campaign


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Whether you donate blood or have recovered from COVID-19 and can donate convalescent plasma, you can help save lives.

Jared Luent with Vitalant explains, “We need donors. We are seeing an increase in blood usage right now.”

Vitalant has launched a campaign to help COVID-19 patients and others through convalescent plasma donations and blood donations.

The campaign is titled, “Because of You, Life Doesn’t Stop.” 

“It’s a new, fresh face for blood donations. COVID brought it to light. We saw donations come to a halt because of COVID and other uncertainties,” adds Luent.

Recovered COVID-19 patients have immune-boosting antibodies in their plasma that can help patients still fighting the disease.

“Not only can we save lives with a standard donation but recovered COVID survivors, you can donate convalescent plasma and help in the fight against the virus,” Luent continues.

Vitalant says one blood donation can help save three people.

Luent explains, “We have always reassured all donors that there is no means of contracting the virus via donation or transfusion. The process is safe but because of donating, donors have a chance to help those fighting COVID.”

While donating to the cause, Vitalant says they are making sure all donors and their staff are staying safe and protected.

“We do require face coverings or a mask. Our staff will wear them, our donors will wear them throughout the process. This is to ensure the safety of staff and donors,” Luent says.

Vitalant is located at 1503 Bertrand Drive in Lafayette.

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