Sulphur couple dies from COVID-19, holding hands in their final moments


SULPHUR, La. – A Sulphur couple lost their lives to coronavirus, but were holding hands in their final moments according to KPLC.

“It all started with just a cough, but it quickly escalated,” Ashley Briscoe told KPLC.

Briscoe said her mother, father and sister were all hospitalized due to coronavirus.

“Saturday was when my mom got admitted, that Monday or Tuesday day was when my sister was admitted and that same nighttime my dad got admitted,” Briscoe said.

Luckily — her sister wasn’t hospitalized for long and is now on the mend. Unfortunately, the same wasn’t true for their parents Pastor Steven and Barbara Randolph — known lovingly by the community as Aunt and Uncle Steve.

“The ventilator at this point was doing 100% of the work,” Briscoe said.

She said their pre-existing conditions made her parents’ fight against COVID-19 a hard one.

“We weren’t allowed to actually be there physically with them. The closest thing was that my brother and I could go to the parking lot of the hospital and said a prayer with family and before they were taken off the ventilator we were able to FaceTime with them,” Briscoe said.

What brought them comfort was knowing their parents were together in the end.

“They put them bed by bed, side by side. and they let them hold hands. They grabbed each other’s hands. My mom actually passed first and then my dad passed shortly after, holding her hand,” Briscoe said.

Briscoe said if anyone takes a lesson from their it’s this: stay home.

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