Ochsner Lafayette General hosts vaccination drive at MLK center in Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In Louisiana statistics show, white families are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at a higher rate than black families due to fears and misconception.

Now, Ochsner Lafayette General is making it their goal to meet the black community right where they are, encouraging them to take the vaccine.

When you first walk into the vaccination site at the MLK center in Lafayette, you’ll receive a fact sheet with information regarding your vaccine of choice.

“If they have any hesitation about receiving the vaccine they have the facts here from the manufacture itself.” , says Niccy Gobert with Ochsner.

It removes any false information or misconceptions about the vaccine.

Statistics show, white families are receiving the vaccine at a higher rate than black families due to threats of infertility and death.

Karen Wyble with Ochsner says, “Zero have died from the vaccine.”

There’s also rumors a GPS chip is being placed inside of your arm .

Wyble says this false information is preventing the black community from taking the shot.

“The risk for that is, right now we have three times a higher death rate of our African American families, three times higher than any other groups.”

Gobert says it’s also because of underlying health conditions within the black community.

” Obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol.”

Ochsners goal is to make the vaccine more convenient for everyone to get.

Wyble says, “We can be here longer, whatever it takes. We really want to help remove any barriers from anyone who would like to take the vaccine. “

Ochsner will be hosting the drive at the MLK Center in Lafayette until May 30th.

In order to receive the vaccine you must make an appointment on their website.

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