Natural antibodies vs vaccine antibodies, local doctor says it’s time to get vaccinated


(KLFY)- Antibodies are proteins created by an immune system that helps fight off infections.

They are made after a person has been infected or has been vaccinated against a disease.

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Britni Hebert explains, “Post infections with COVID we see extremely variable antibody levels.”

Although antibodies from natural infection may provide some protection against COVID-19, Dr. Hebert says nothing protects against the deadly virus better than the vaccines.

“One in four will not have antibodies after infections,” adds Hebert.

She says people who have recovered from COVID should get vaccinated as soon as they can.

She says vaccinations reduce the risk of reinfection or community spread which will prevent the opportunity for more variants to emerge.

Dr. Hebert continues, “Even if you do have antibodies, it is a positive and negative. You don’t know where you are on the scale of how many you have. You have too few to protect you.”

Dr. Hebert says people who are asymptomatic or have mild disease, once isolation is over, it is safe to get a vaccine after waiting two weeks.

For people with a prolonged or worse course of COVID, she recommends waiting two to three months before getting vaccinated.

“When we look at people who are vaccinated, with their full course, every single person with a normal immune system goes maxed out or maximum protection after vaccination. There is no guarantee after natural infections,” Hebert says.

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