Do COVID emergency orders remain while courts consider the House termination petition?


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — With Louisiana Governor John Bel Edward’s coronavirus emergency order challenged by the state House of Representatives and awaiting a court date, are you still required to follow them?

While the State House of Representatives and Governor wait for a judge ruling over whether emergency coronavirus orders will end, State Senator Gerald Boudreaux wants people to know, “Until we get a ruling from the courts, we have to stay the course, and the course right now is phase 3.”

Boudreaux said uncertainty and misinformation have left people and businesses questioning his office multiple times since the dispute began, “We’re getting a lot of calls. Businesses are asking, ‘Do we still have to enforce the masks?’ Nightclubs who are now allowed to have 50 people occupancy ask, ‘Is that still in place?”

Not all Louisiana officials agree on an answer. On Oct. 26, Attorney General Jeff Landry told The Moon Griffon Show, “The way that the petition is read, the declaration of public emergency by the governor is over.”

However, Governor Edwards has continually stated his emergency orders are in full effect because public health is still threatened. He told reporters, “If we have legislators out there saying something different, they ought not to be doing that, and no business owner or any other individual should rely upon such an irresponsible representation from a member of the legislature.”

The United States just recorded its worst week for new COVID-19 infections since the beginning of the pandemic with over 500,000 cases. 45 states are trending upward with cases. Some are adding stricter restrictions. Louisiana is trending downward and is loosening restrictions steadily, not all at once as the petition calls for.

Boudreaux said we don’t need to become fatigued when it comes to these mitigation measures. “My challenge today? Let’s continue doing them. We’re doing good, but it’s only half time. It’s only half time. It’s only half time. We have an entire game to go, and people are dying.” he said.

Governor Edwards’ emergency orders are set to expire November sixth, but they are expected to be extended before then.

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