Additional COVID-19 vaccine dose available to those fully vaccinated with weakened immune systems


(KLFY)- Following the CDC’s newest recommendation, the Louisiana Department of Health is making a third COVID-19 vaccine dose available for people who are fully vaccinated but whose immune systems are compromised.

Dr. Tina Stefanski says, “This is for people whom the vaccine might not have been as effective the first time.”

3% of the U.S. population fall into this category.

“It’s not a big group but there are several different ways or conditions that would qualify you for a booster dose,” adds Stefanski.

Only people who have received the first two doses of either Pfizer or Moderna qualify for the third but the list of other criteria is more detailed.

Dr. Stefanski explains, “When you present or walk in for an appointment, you will be asked to self attest, meaning to document what it is that qualifies you, then sign that you are being truthful.”

You must wait at least 28 days after your second dose to receive the third.

They will be available at all vaccine locations.

“The 1st dose primes your immune system. The 2nd and 3rd help boost so if you are exposed to COVID, you are primed and ready to fight that infection,” Stefanski adds.

Risk Factor Self-Attestation Form

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