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Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this mind/body workout that’s been around for more than 5000 years!

1. Improves your flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. During your first class, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes, never mind do a backbend. But if you stick with it, you’ll notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, seemingly impossible poses will become possible. You’ll also probably notice that aches and pains start to disappear.

2. Builds muscle strength

When you build strength through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. Yoga poses incorporate total body strength. If you just went to the gym and lifted weights, you might build strength at the expense of flexibility.

3. Perfects your posture

Poor posture can cause back, neck, and other muscle and joint problems. As you slump, your body may compensate by flattening the normal inward curves in your neck and lower back. This can cause pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine. Yoga strengthens back and neck muscles allowing for perfect posture.

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Each time you practice yoga, you take your joints through their full range of motion. This can help prevent degenerative arthritis or mitigate disability by “squeezing and soaking” areas of cartilage that normally aren’t used.

5. Increases your blood flow

The relaxation exercises from yoga can help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. This allows you to get more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result. Yoga also boosts levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. And it thins the blood by making platelets less sticky and by cutting the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood. This can lead to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes since blood clots are often the cause of these killers.

Give yoga a try and stay connected and stress free and don’t forget to keep fitness first!

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