New Year’s resolutions: We all have them. But research shows that at least 80% of us don’t keep them. So, we have come up with the most brutally honest solutions for your fitness resolutions:

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Write specifically what you want to accomplish, how you are going to accomplish it and when. Example, if it’s a weight loss goal. Write down your how many pounds you want to lose and your ideal weight. Also, write down your plan.

2. Stay Away from Home

How many of us purchased the latest greatest pills, potions, or gadgets promising rock hard abs and a trim and toned body? Or do we all have that treadmill that serves as a really good clothes hanger. An exercise environment at home provides too many distractions and not enough motivation.

3. Hire a Trainer

The best investment one can make is to hire a personal trainer. They provide for you motivation, accountability, direction, and planning. All of the things that prevent us from keeping our fitness resolutions. Remember it’s an investment in a healthier you.

4. Go to Class

There is nothing more motivating than to step into a Group exercise class and feel the enthusiasm of the class participants, the energy of the group exercise instructor and the beat of the music. Group takes the thinking out of exercise. It will allow you to push yourself harder and burn more calories than ever before.

5. Find an Exercise Buddy

When people workout together, camaraderie and accountability can also serve as a motivator to exercise.

If you’ve failed to accomplish a resolution in the past, try a different approach. May this year be the last year of your fitness resolutions, so get moving and don’t forget keep fitness first!