If not now, when?

I was unhappy, I wasn’t active with my children, I didn’t want to go anywhere, I didn’t want to leave the house. I just sat on the couch miserable and unhappy. I realized I needed to get better for my kids and family. They didn’t deserve to see me live that way. I deserve to be happy in my skin and be able to go shopping and enjoy being with my friends and family. My son started school and I was like, this is the day. I said the date. And I started.

I started coming to the gym when my son started school and I did body pump three days a week. I did cardio two days a week. What I love about body pump is that we have an instructor that shows us the exercises we need to do. So I’m not going in trying to figure out what I should be doing. And it’s a full body workout. I stopped soda. I stopped eating sweets. I started to eat more protein, a more balanced diet. Stopped eating processed foods. I get off track all the time. If I eat a bad meal one day, I don’t let it throw me off. I start over again. I try to eat more vegetables, more fruits.

Some of the positive benefits that I’ve been able to do since I lost the weight, 80 pounds. I am able to be active with my children. I get to go shopping and pick up any clothes that I want and put them on. The advice I would give for anybody getting started is to slowly take yourself off of things. If its soda, drink more water. Instead of a whole plate of food, eat half a plate of food. If you want to have motivation, I recommend joining the gym but that’s because that’s what worked for me. Because I had people here to push me to do better, to keep coming. Smiles on their faces, they were happy to see me. You know, like I just liked coming in every day.