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Holiday Workout Tips

Fitness First

We want you look fit and feel energized this holiday season. Here is a damage control workout guaranteed to help keep those unwanted holiday pounds.

Warm up with jumping jacks for 2-3 minutes

Interval #1 (3 minutes)

Burpee push up jump squat >>>>>1 minute

Hands slightly wider than shoulder width, palms on floor, abs braced, down and feet back, then go into a push up, back up jump up and into a squat. Knees bent on landing, going to a 90 degree angle at knee.

Plank >>>>>>>> 1minute

Hands under shoulders, back long, strong and straight, abs braced, feet outside hip width

Plank to Hover >>>>>>>> 1 minute

Elbows under shoulders, forearms on floor, hips down>  return to plank, elbow, elbow – hand, hand, brace abs to prevent excessive rocking. Alternate sides.

15 second recovery



Interval #2 (3 minutes)

Lunge Jumps >>>>>>>>> 1 minute

Long stride – back heel off of floor, front leg parallel to the floor, chest up and abs braced, front knee out, weight even between feet, go for height, use running arms.

Push ups to rotating plank >>>>> 1 minute

Hands wider than shoulder width, bring chest to elbow height on push up, abs braced chin tucked, turn body as one, eyes follow hand, extend top arm, turn feet to side. Alternate sides.

Mountain climbers >>>>>>>>>> 1 minute

Start in plank position, bring opposite knee to elbow, chin tucked, keep hips down, and knee close to floor as it comes forward, abs braced. Alternate sides.

15 second recovery


Use this workout to keep you on track anywhere. So blast the fat before the feast, be safe during the holiday season and keep fitness first!

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