Summer is here, so we have a 30 minute high intensity resistance training workout to blast the fat build lean muscle all at the same time!!

Set 1:

·15 incline dumbbell presses

·10 goblet squats

·10 burpees

·12 bent over dumbbell rows (both arms at the same time)

 Set 2:

·8-10 pull ups

·12 Romanian deadlifts

·10 overhead presses

·20 lunges (total) – either 10 static lunges per leg, or 20 walking lunges

 Set 3:

·12+ close grip pull ups

·15 press ups

·20 step ups holding dumbbells (10 each leg)

·8+ hanging leg raises

Enjoy this workout at home or at the gym and watch your body get shredded, so get that heart rate up and keep fitness first!