Good morning Acadiana,

Did you ever wonder why you failed to reach your  fitness goal? Usually its in your control. You can ignite, achieve and maintain never-ending  motivation by overcoming  these 7 goal busters (FBHEEST):

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F = Focus, or lack of focus.

We set a goal, build a dream, even create a plan. Then 3 days later, we’re no longer thinking about it.

When our dominant thoughts stay focused on our goal, we can actually keep all goal busters away!

B = Belief, or a negative belief system.

Do you think things like: ‘I can’t do this,’, or ‘This is too hard, ‘These all come from our belief system.  When these thoughts show up, Don’t let them take your  motivation away!! You deserve to achieve your goal and your negative beliefs can be turned positive.

H = Habits. This one is the sneakiest.

We fall into negative habit patterns such as:

* Inactivity,  Unhealthy food choices,  shopping,   or Internet surfing.

Detrimental habits don’t need to be removed; they need to be replaced with healthy habits.

E = Emotional Reaction. Do you find yourself becoming seriously angry or tearful when something happens to wreck your plan? Do you ever run for comfort foods or a comfort position like in front of the TV or computer? Then the Emotional Reaction guy has struck!! Take him out by deciding to respond instead!

E = Energy. Which Energy Drainers Are Most Common for You? The number one culprit  is most likely stress. Other common energy drainers include:

*Excess weight–Everything in your body has to work harder because of the extra weight and that’s an energy drain. 

*Lack of sleep depletes our internal battery so you never feel fully charged. 

S = Surroundings / Social Influence.  Do you behave in certain ways because people around you expect you to? Nonsense! It takes 6 positive relationships in order to maintain you being a healthy, balanced person.

T = Time Management…This is the biggest culprit of the 21st century!

* Over-promising ,* Trying to fit too much into one day, * Performing meaningless tasks,* Procrastinating

All of these are Time-Management issues.

Unfortunately, sometimes the way we see the problem is the problem. So step outside the problem assess your goal buster, change it up, and while your doing it , keep fitness first!