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One day I woke up and decided, if not now, when. 15 years ago I moved from New Jersey down to Louisiana. Rayne, Louisiana to be exact. The first 5 years, man, the food was incredible. I wanted to try, this, and that. And when I say this and that, boudin, jambalaya, rice dressing, everything was fried down here, I wanted to sample a little bit of that. Every social event involved drinking, acholic beverages. So the first 5 years I added on weight through the roof. But at work, when I started starving and didn’t prepare anything I was reaching for anything I could get my hands on. And that could have been two breakfasts before lunch. Three lunches for whenever I got hungry. So at work I was kind of preoccupied. While working, eating, no kind of limits at all. When I got home, again, it was supper time, so what did I do, before I even got home I would drive through a drive thru, pick up something fast, go home, eat it, hungry again, prepare something, sat on the couch, watch tv until I got sleepy. We to bed, just to start that routine or lack of routine again the next day. 5 years in, I was looking for a gym. In town, something locally because I knew if I had to travel it wasn’t going to be done consistently. So I walked into Cajun fitness, I registered, but again, I’ve never really exercised. Absolutely I fall off, I fall off all the time. If not a few days a week, weekly. But I had to psych myself. But getting off track doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It only makes you human. So I had to train myself. To know that I will have an occasional bad day or two. But I have to bounce back even harder to make up for it. Some of the positive changes I’ve seen since working out over the past 10 years, have affected me physically, mentally, emotionally, in all kinds of aspects. It made me stronger, it kept me healthier, I rarely get sick, it reduces stress, it has nothing to do with will power, it has nothing to do with motivation, because sometimes, it’s not going to work. That didn’t help me wake up at 5 o’clock or make it easier. It was the discipline, it was the commitment. You have to commit but you also have to allow yourself to fall off for room to fail. Maybe you’re like Jenny, and want to get back on track, contact us at Cajun and let us help you get back on track.

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