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How would you like to experience a workout that builds strength and flexibility while bringing the body into a state of harmony and balance? Its yoga, tai chi, and pilates wrapped into one! BodyFlow is a  10 track 60 minute workout drawing from a variety of disciplines such as yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. We begin our class with a “tai chi warm-up” consisting of deep movements of arms and legs to warm and relax muscular tension in the body. Track 2 is “Sun Salutations”, a traditional yoga sequence uniting breath with movement to warm and work the entire body. Now that we’re completely warm, we go into “standing strength”. This track strengthens and stretches the muscles of the legs, glutes, back, core, and arms by performing a series of yoga based poses such as the Warriors. Now that you’re legs are burning like fire, we move on to “Balance”. This track is derived from yoga, tai chi, and dance. It allows our bodies to negotiate balance in movement, improve our physical and mental coordination while strengthening our entire lower body. Now we move to the floor with track 5, “Hip Openers”. This yoga based track opens the muscles of the hips, groin, lower back, and adductors. It helps alleviate lower back tension and create flexibility. Our next 2 tracks are “Core/abdominals and Core/Back”. Drawing from yoga and Pilates, these tracks strengthen the muscles of the abdominals, hip flexors, and lower back. Next is my favorite track “the twist track”. Held yoga poses with dynamic full-body motion to increase mobility of the spine and massage the spinal nerves and the digestive track. Coming down homestretch with track 9 “Forward Bends-Hamstrings”. This track strengthens and stretches the hamstrings, abductor, calf, and back muscles preparing the body for our final phase of the workout-Relaxation and Meditation. This track comes as a welcome reward after the challenges of the preceding tracks. Get away from it all, take time for yourself, and you will leave this class feeling long and strong, yet calm and centered. So, stay fit Acadiana,  and keep fitness first!

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