Eye on Scams: Scammers can get to you through the small screen in your hand

Eye on Scams

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– We’re carrying scammers in the palm of our hands on a daily basis with our trusty smartphones.

“A lot of times we don’t think of our smartphones as a computer necessarily, but it really is connected to the internet just like a computer might be and we’re just as vulnerable on our smartphones as we are on our computer to scammers and hackers and internet techniques,” says Chris Babin from the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana.

By putting trust in online smart devices, like smartphones, people make themselves vulnerable to security and privacy threats, giving hackers everything they need to take advantage of you.

Scott Lavergne, CEO of Enterprise Data Concepts, says that hackers like to act fast, and only through text or email. These two things are signs that you are dealing with a hacker. “Put a speed break on,” he says.

“Everyone needs to be vigilant. You’re the last line of defense,the best way to defend yourself,” added Lavergne.

The BBB offers some tips on how to avoid online scams:

  • Don’t be too quick to click on ads, research first
  • Secure your smart devices, consider anti-malware
  • Get the facts
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Change your passwords often

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