Eye on Scams: Deals on cable TV that are too good to be true

Eye on Scams

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — One of scammers’ most common tactics is to impersonate someone you trust. Scammers claim to offer a great deal on your cable service, but it’s really a way to trick unsuspecting customers into giving out hundreds of dollars in return for nothing.

Chris Babin, with the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, said, “We’ve had scam tracker reports of people being contacted by scammers claiming to be with either their cable company or one of the popular streaming services saying that they have a great deal for them. Of course, the catch is they need to make some upfront payments in order to be eligible for this special promotion.”

You receive an unsolicited call offering oyu reduced rates on your cable bill… sounds convincing, right? Not so much… scammers can duplicate big cable companies.

“They’re able to pretend as though they’re with the company,” explained Babin. “They want you to believe them right off the bat and they may even put you on hold and use hold music and make it sound like it’s legitimate, and then in the end, it’s a scammer trying to steal funds from you.”

The caller explains that the company is offering a special promotion.

“They’re asking for a fee upfront. Of course, if you pay a couple months upfront, they’re going to need you to pay with some type of prepaid debit card or wire transfer. One of those methods we talk about is that it’s hard to recover the money you send. They’re needing that money upfront, and, in the end, we’ve had consumers report losing hundreds of dollars and then not receiving the service and never dealt with the company to begin with,” added Babin.

Some tips from the Better Business Bureau on how you can avoid cable impersonator cons:

  • Be cautious when answering unsolicited calls or emails. Companies you already do business with won’t pressure you to pay in a new way.
  • If someone shows up at your doorstep, verify their identity and call your cable company to verify that they’re an employee.
  • When in doubt, verify special deals with your cable company.
  • Never make payments with prepaid debit cards or wire transfers. There is nothing you can do to get your money back.

For more on how to look out for and avoid scams, download our Eye on Scams podcast on 10 Talks Acadiana. It’s available anywhere you listen to podcasts, https://tentalksacadiana.podbean.com/e/march-2021-eye-on-scams-with-sylvia-masters/

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