Experts warn consumers about genetic DNA screening scams

Eye on Scams

Experts are warning consumers to use extreme caution when being asked to undergo genetic DNA screening.

Consumers are told the free DNA test can detect cancer and other diseases.

They are then asked to provide insurance information so the company doing the testing can file insurance claims.

By giving the scammers insurance information, consumers open themselves up to possible having their identity stolen.

“With advances in medical technology and DNA screening, scammers, being the opportunists they are, taking advantage of that. Mostly in the elderly sector soliciting for DNA samples, saying that they’re going to test those for free and at no cost. When in reality, they’re collecting insurance information and using that to steal their identity,” explains Chris Babin of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana.   

Experts offer the following tips on avoiding healthcare scams:
    1. Research any business and its owners carefully.
    2. Don’t only trust a name or phone number.
    3. And never share personally identifiable information.

If you have a scam you would like to report, email

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