BBB of Acadiana: Beware of business email scams

Eye on Scams

The number one business fraud in the United States involves email.

A recent investigative study indicates that 80 percent of businesses saw scam emails in 2018.

Chris Babin with the Better Business Bureau says one of the current scams targets specific people within a business:

The likely targets within the business that have info on employees like hr dept, somebody in account payable accounts receivable or it may be someone who can spend money on behalf of that business,” he says.

The email appears to be a legitimate request for money or information, and the recipient may not realize the message isn’t coming from anyone within the organization.

Babin says you should look for clues.

“What we’ve found is a lot of these emails are coming from Nigeria. so the English might be broken, the structure of the email might not look the same. plus some of these, they are just hacking the accounts or they’re just spoofing the emails, so the signature may look a little different, some of the information is missing,” he says.

And the scammers don’t always ask for cash.

Sometimes it’s gift cards for employees, sometimes it’s account numbers, you know, it could be a supplier or vendor saying they want to change the account it’s going in to, and it’s going into a scammers account rather than a suppliers account, Babin explains

Babin tells News Ten at least one business in Acadiana has been a victim.

If you have been a victim, call the bank immediately to report it.

They may be able to recover your money.

You should also contact the FBI internet crime complaint center, and also report the fraud to the BBB scam tracker.

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