BBB: emails from organizations or phone calls could be scammers targeting personal info or money

Eye on Scams

Scammers are using yet another tactic to get to your information or money.

It’s called an imposter scam and it makes it difficult to determine if an email or phone call is coming from a legitimate business.

“Legitimate” organizations that typically being used for impersonation are the government, like the IRS or social security administration; the better business bureau; banks or tech companies; publisher’s clearinghouse; and travel brands.

Laurian Clause with the better business bureau says there is a common thread among all of them

“They’re asking for your personal information and that something has been compromised. and for an upfront fee, they can take care of it and they want the form of payment to be in a gift card which is non-trackable and not traceable,” she says.

The Better Business Bureau offers these suggestions to help protect yourself.

Don’t believe what you see. Caller ID and email addresses can be faked.

Do business with local companies or businesses you know you can trust.

Go directly to a business website rather than using a search engine to get there.

And don’t click on a link in any email you didn’t ask for.

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